Mouth Cancer - Is Your Dental Practice Doing Their Bit? Tip 4

June 25, 2015

Tip 4 - ‘Triage’ Patients on Reception

Every patient should be triaged for oral cancer by the reception team when booking an appointment, particularly if they are a new patient. Train your reception team to ask the correct and appropriate questions when booking an appointment to ensure that a lesion, that could be potentially suspicious, is not missed. Cold sores are an area for concern as many people do not associate them with being a symptom of oral cancer. Some practices choose not to see patients with cold sores for fear of bringing Herpes Simplex onto the premises. However, a triage system that picks up early signs of oral cancer, including cold sores, and drives appropriate and timely intervention by a clinician, can avoid litigation and save lives. Go to  to find out more about how to train your team to deliver services such as triage for oral cancer.