Mouth Cancer - Is Your Dental Practice Doing its Bit? Tip 7

June 30, 2015

Tip 7 - Document oral cancer screenings systematically.

Does your practice want to know if it making a difference by screening thoroughly for oral cancer? Well, the only way to be sure, is to run reports and audit your activity. To ensure that variables are minimised, a systematic approach needs to be taken, that is, the examination needs to be done in exactly the same way every time. I would advise using oral cancer custom screens on your software package in surgery. They are usually laid out in a tick box fashion and it is then simply a case of the dental nurse calling out the area to be examined and the dentist giving a response to be recorded. This method also ensures that nothing is missed and a 50:50 intra:extra oral exam is always done too.

 If you don't have custom screens but have a maintenance package with your software provider, the company will normally install one for you. Otherwise, for a small fee, companies will build one in for you.

Custom screens - a simple tool for saving lives!