Mouth Cancer - Is Your Dental Practice Doing its Bit? Tip 10

July 3, 2015

Tip 10 - Educate Your Patients About Oral Cancer and Self-screening 

Dental professionals in general practice are perfectly positioned to educate their patients and the public about oral cancer. As there is currently no Government initiative to tackle the escalating problem that this hidden killer presents, it is our professional obligation to do something about it. To combat oral cancer, people firstly need to know about it! So, talk to your patients about oral cancer whilst you are screening and educate and advise them to self-screen on a monthly basis. Advise leaflets and posters in your waiting areas are essential to getting the ball rolling and instigating conversations about oral cancer and screening. The Mouth Cancer Foundation ( provide leaflets on HPV, risk factors and the signs and symptoms and are downloadable from their website too.

Publicise your oral cancer management system on your website and use social media to blog about oral cancer and get the message out there. The only way we will make a difference and save lives is to tell the public what we are doing to safeguard people's health and educate them to avoid and detect this little known cancer themselves.