Mouth Cancer - Is Your Dental Practice Doing its Bit? Tip 11

July 6, 2015

Tip 11 - Offer Free Screening Days and Support National Campaigns 

In these challenging days of derogatory 'Which?' reports and OFT statements, why not give something back to the community? Dentistry is rarely portrayed in a favourable light and our public persona reflects a money- grabbing ethos. This maybe true of a few clinicians but in general our professional is genuinely endeavouring to deliver good quality dentistry despite the heavy hand of Goverment policy. So why not show the public what we are really all about and invite people in for free oral cancer screening? 

Showing that your practice is going the extra mile to secure people's oral and systemic health builds trust and nurtures lasting relationships between patients and the dental team. Delivered well, free screening days for none-patients have resulted in conversion rates of up to 60%. Rarely have I seen many initiatives in practice that have achieved these stunning figures! Word of mouth referrals also increase when individuals relay their experience of thorough oral cancer screening and what the dentist taught them about self- screening. Education is paramount as patients often do not realise that you are carrying out a potentially life-saving process! 

Mouth Cancer Action Month takes place every November and is the perfect opportunity to plan a free screening day. Do you need help planning one? Then go to