“Vast experience and comprehensive approach” - Sam Brice, Marketing Manager, DPAS

Having worked with Nicki on various projects over the last few years, I’ve always been impressed by her boundless enthusiasm and unwavering drive to succeed.

Nicki’s achievements during her time as a Practice Manager at Perfect 32 speak for themselves and I have no doubt that her vast experience and comprehensive approach will be of huge benefit to her Practices Made Perfect clients.


“I am amazed at her level of knowledge, passion and drive” - Sean Beardsley, CEO, Magic Fox Design

I have been fortunate enough to have known Nicki for over 10 years now both personally and professionally. She is a valued friend and inspirational businesswoman - I am amazed at her level of knowledge, passion and drive she brings to every project, her endless pursuit of perfection in everything she applies herself to, is second to none.

It was a great pleasure and privilege to assist her in creating the 'Perfect 32' brochure and stationery and the recent 'Practices made Perfect by Nicki Rowland' logo design. I shall look forward to working with her on the next project - she is a joy to work with!


“Past winner of ADAM Practice Manager of the Year” - Niki Boersma, President, Association of Dental Administrators and Managers

I think it's amazing to see a past winner of ADAM Practice Manager of the Year successfully establishing her own business and I'm sure that winning our Award will have helped give her the confidence to do so. It's really great to see her now sharing her skills and knowledge with other practices and helping practice managers develop themselves which, after all, is what ADAM is all about.

I wish Nicki every success in the future.


“Nicki’s enthusiasm is infectious!” - Hannah Stuchfield, 4 Health Dental

Nicki is a well connected individual and strives to help dental professionals grow and improve their working practices. People buy people, and Nicki‘s enthusiasm for her work is infectious. From strategic management to oral cancer courses, I can't think of a dental practice who wouldn't benefit from her expertise!


“She understands how successful businesses work” - Neal Edlin Marketing & Consultancy

In the 6 years that I’ve known Nicki, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at her energy, drive and enthusiasm in promoting a subject she is incredibly passionate about. Not only does she fully understand Dental Health Care, along with all the problems that Practice Managers encounter on a day to day basis, she understands how successful businesses work by drawing on her previous experience in running a highly successful award-winning Dental Practice.

She’s also passionate about the benefits modern media offers Dental Practices and I’m delighted to work alongside her in advising health care professionals how Digital Marketing can really make a difference.

Neal Edlin Marketing & Consultancy

“Looking forward to a continued relationship” - Vinod Joshi, Founder of The Mouth Cancer Foundation

I recruited Nicki from Perfect 32 to pilot a dental practice accreditation scheme which the Mouth Cancer Foundation plans to roll out across the UK over the next couple of years. Nicki has been highly proactive in the work submitted for review and the design is modelled on Perfect 32’s established oral cancer screening and referral service. She is a pleasure to work with. The pilot scheme is still under review however the charity is looking forward to a continued relationship with Nicki in order to get the scheme up and running.


“I value the difference she has made” - Christine Ferguson, Practice Manager

Nicki is completely dedicated to her work. She is reliable, self-motivated, accessible, open-minded and a great mentor. Her non-judgmental style leaves you free to say what is on your mind and really explore what is important to you. She has excellent organisational skills and is constantly searching for training courses, seminars and new initiatives to help improve our skills and new business in to the practice.

As well as her dedication to supporting National Smile Month every year, Nicki has been asked by the Mouth Cancer Foundation to pilot an accreditation scheme, educating dental practices across the UK in ways to improve the detection and referral of patients with mouth cancer.

Every day is a pleasure working with Nicki. I value the difference she has made to help me and my colleagues and she has allowed our ambitions to become a reality. As a team we have gained a clearer insight into our values and driving forces. Together with her enthusiasm and coaching, Nicki has made us better equipped to develop as individuals and we are constantly seeing the results of her hard work and dedication in the way our practice is growing and evolving.


“Her understanding of the dental market is exceptional” - Dr Robert Dyas, Oral Surgeon and Director of Prodental CPD

I am a specialist oral surgeon and owner of the UK’s largest independent online dental CPD provider.

I have worked with Nicki for a number of years on a variety of different dental projects. I have found her enthusiasm, understanding of the dental market and work to be exceptional. She has specifically helped with our dental practice management section of our CPD website. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and her company. Practice Made Perfect by Nicki Rowland - developed by people who actually work in dental practice!


“Nicki's knowledge is phenomenal & her experience is brilliant” - Dhru Shah, CEO, Dentinal Tubules

We have now worked with Nicki on education and training on dental teams for a while. Nicki's knowledge is phenomenal, her experience is brilliant and the most important aspects is she is very very passionate about what she does. It's infectious. She definitely will make practices and their teams perfect. She has amazing vocal skills, is an exceptional speaker and people person. Her approach is calm, collected and yet enthusiastic.

We are going to continue working with Nicki because we know she has the skills to bring her positives to any dental team and those keen to learn.



"I cannot praise Nicki highly enough" Michelle South, Practice Manager

I cannot praise Nicki highly enough, not only for all of her practical help (so far!), but also for the knowledge that she continually gives me. I don't know how I ever managed without her and wish we lived closer so that we could have more chats over a cup (or three) of Yorkshire tea.

When I found Practices made perfect, I was considering leaving dentistry altogether, but from the very first conversation Nicki and I shared, I knew that I wasn't ready to walk away. She made me feel that I could do anything that I set my mind to and her enthusiasm is totally infectious.

Nicki suggested some basic management training which has been a real eye opener, making me feel as though I had been playing at managing previously. I completed an ILM course in 2012, which was really valuable, but I have learned more in the last 2 months than I would have thought possible.   

I now believe that with the right guidance, we can achieve anything and in the dental world, we all have the same goals but often need help to reach them. As the world turns and things change, we just need to relax and be willing to keep learning.

With knowledge comes confidence and as my notebook bulges with information, my confidence bank fills too!